What Is A Safe Deposit Box?

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A Safe Deposit Box is a secure storage box rented to a customer for the safekeeping of valuables.

Each safe deposit box has 2 separate locks/keys; one kept by the customer and the other by St James’s Safe Deposit. Access to the box is only possible when both locks are opened.

Do I need to tell you what is in my safe deposit box?

No. Every client is guaranteed absolute privacy and discretion and we have private viewing rooms available for your convenience.


What can I keep in my safe deposit box?

Typical items include: jewellery, gold, passports, birth certificates, wills, house deeds, stamps, coins, medals, precious photographs and letters.


What can’t I keep in my safe deposit box?

Items you should not keep in your box are: guns, knives, firearms, ammunition, chemicals, drugs.


You must ensure that your safe deposit box does NOT contain anything that is illegal, immoral, obscene, libellous, poisonous, noxious, corrosive, inflammable or explosive.


St James’ is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and we therefore require you to ensure that no contents held in your SD box represent the proceeds of crime or money laundering.

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